Chuck gets around from time to time. Here's where he'll be and what he'll be doing.
Upcoming Events
Crimefest - 2013
Chuck will be in Bristol, England this Spring for the annual Crimefest.

With numerous panels and publishers in the mix, not to mention the exciting workshops, this year's Crimefest should be smashing. In the Parlour. With the wrench.
World Fantasy Convention - 2013
This Fall, Chuck will return to Jolly Old England, this time for the World Fantasy Conference, held for only the second time ever outside of America.

Held near the seashore In Brighton, this year's festival looks to be quite the event, with a variety of publishers and participants.
ISTA Conference, JFK School, Berlin, Germany

Crimefest, Bristol, England - 30 May-2 June

World Fantasy Convention - 31 Oct- 3 Nov

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