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Chuck's Other Writing, plus . . .
Before turning to novels and short stories, Chuck did a lot of playwriting. Here you can see his titles and their production dates, as well as other projects he's been involved in.
List of Chuck's Other Work
Stimmen Durch Die Mauer/ Voices Through the Wall
Chuck created this piece for the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The play, with songs from the time period, in both English and German, tells the story of the two music teachers and the difficulties they face maintaining and East/West relationship. Interwoven into the story are vignettes and monologues featuring a variety of characters from the period of separation.

This play was featured on the BBC radio program
The Strand.

Check it out here. (Fall of the Wall Theatre)
Chuck and Psychology
A psychology teacher as well as a writer, Chuck was interviewed for his insights on how the East/West division is handled by the German education system.

It's part of a larger discussion broadcast on for the CBC Radio program

Listen to the entire segment here. (Part Two: Generation East

Stimmen Durch die Mauer/Voices Through the Wall - Berlin,Germany (2009)

Air Raid/Luft Angrift, Berlin, Germany (2003)

One-Acts/Short Plays

Beniki and the Barrier - New Braunfels, TX (1991), Berlin, Germany (1993), Amman, Jordan (1996), Berlin, Germany (2009)

Promenade Home - Amman, Jordan (1998), Berlin, Germany (2002)

Short Stories

Cat's Paw (2012)

Requiem (2012)

Communion (2012)

Apocolypse (2012)

Hope (2012)

Underground (2012)

Sacrifice (2013)

Helping Hand (2013)

Blink of an Eye (2013)

Samaritan (2013)

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